Vision Therapy in Salinas

Vision Therapy in Salinas

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Eye Doctor in Salinas

Vision Therapy in Salinas
Vision Therapy in Salinas

Vision therapy is a type of physical therapy for the eyes and the brain. It serves as a highly effective non-surgical treatment for many common visual problems, including lazy eye, crossed eyes, and double vision. Vision therapy in Salinas can also help with reading and learning disabilities. Patients who have been told “it’s too late” or that they’d have to “learn to live with it” have found hope in vision therapy at Romie Lane Optometric Center.

Vision therapy in Salinas consists of a program of vision “exercises” that are performed under doctor supervision. Romie Lane Optometric Center individualizes the therapy to fit the needs of each patient. Although vision therapy can help with reading and learning disabilities, it does not serve as a direct treatment for learning disabilities. It is specifically intended to address those problems that interfere with educational instruction, reading, and learning.

The vision therapy at Romie Lane Optometric Center is generally conducted in-office, once or twice a week. A vision therapy session typically lasts anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour. When warranted, a patient of vision therapy in Salinas may receive “homework,” which is simply procedures that he or she can do at home between office visits to supplement the work being done in the office. The “homework” is never intended to replace the actual therapy however. It’s also important to note that vision therapy is not just a combination of eye exercises intended to strengthen eye muscles. It helps patients improve fundamental visual skills and abilities, and change how they process visual information. It’s an effective treatment, and we foresee a good future ahead of it.

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