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Vision Correction in Salinas

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Eyeglass shop in Salinas

Vision correction in Salinas
Vision correction in Salinas

Unless you are lucky enough to have perfect vision, nearly everyone would like to be able to see better, more sharply and with greater clarity. Here at Romie Lane Optometric Center, our eye doctor will prescribe the appropriate eyeglasses to make sure you get exactly that. Just how do eyeglasses perform their function and provide our vision correction in Salinas?

When light enters your eye, it is processed through the cornea at the front. That light is then directed to the retina where it is turned into a visible image. There’s a bit more to it than that, but essentially it’s how you see everything from the book you’re reading to the street sign in the distance when you’re driving. And if your cornea is shaped ideally, light will reach the retina at or very close to the center. The result is good vision. However, when your cornea is not curved properly, light will instead be directed toward the front (nearsightedness), the back (farsightedness), or in multiple directions (astigmatism). You may have two or even all three of those refractive issues, but our vision correction in Salinas leads to a situation where you can see without the drawbacks of your cornea’s curvature. When our eye doctor prescribe a minus set of lenses, they are thicker in the middle and thinner on the edges. Plus prescriptions flip that. Light is then redirected so that as it passes through the cornea, it will strike your retina a lot closer to its intended target. And now you know how eyeglasses work to correct your vision. Because we have a wide array of attractive and interesting frames to choose from, you will see better and also look fantastic in the process. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Schedule an eye exam at our office. Contact us right now. Let our vision correction in Salinas make your ability to see as good as it can be.

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