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Salinas Sunglasses

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Prescription sunglasses in Salinas

There’s no reason that you have to separate all of the qualities you want and need in a pair of eyewear between your eyeglasses and your sunglasses. You can have the best of both together with prescription sunglasses here at Peninsula Eye Care.

Whether you get our Salinas sunglasses with our without vision correction, you’re assured of reaping the benefits they’re so closely associated with: shielding from bright glare and harsh winds, protection against hazardous ultraviolet (UV) sun rays, and a high sense of fashion. There are two types of UV rays. And our Salinas sunglasses block out both UVA and UVB; not just some or even most, but all of them. Regarding style, well we are proud to only feature the finest and most respected brands in designer eyewear. Select from among names like Bellinger House, Tura, Maui Jim, Hugo Boss, Guess, and Oakley. And that’s only a sampling. We have many more. And with a variety of colors to match up with your skin tone, and an array of shapes to compliment your face, there’s no doubt that we have exactly what you want, no matter your taste and no matter your budget. Adding vision correction to them really makes them valuable. There are many instances when you need both sunglasses and prescription eyeglasses. One good example is when you’re driving. But there are quite a few others, from playing sports to spending a day in the park; from a day at the beach to a barbecue at your friend’s house. We even fit them to your face for optimal comfort.

It’s easy to get our Salinas sunglasses, even with vision correction. Just come on in with your up-to-date prescription or schedule an appointment for an eye exam if you have no prescription, or yours is at least one year old.

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