Salinas sunglasses

Salinas Sunglasses

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When you’re searching for high quality eyewear of an type, think of us at Peninsula Eye Care. Among the options we have available are a wide range of sunglasses. And if you would like to pair them up with your necessary vision correction, we are pleased to make them prescription for you.

Summer isn’t all that far off, but there really is no bad time of year for our Salinas sunglasses. Hazardous UV rays are always around, and you need something to keep your eyes safe from them in the same way that you put sunscreen on your skin to avoid its effects. There are two types of these rays, UVA and UVB. Our Salinas sunglasses filter out 100% of both so can feel fully confident with them. They also keep your eyes shielded from bright glare as well as harsh winds. That’s a lot to recommend them. In prescription form, you can also enjoy sharp, clear vision. Some of the typical instances where having the advantages of eyeglasses and sunglasses together comes in very handy is when you’re driving your car, playing sports, and reading outdoors such as when relaxing by the pool. In addition to all the practical reasons for them, we offer such great-looking designer frames that you are also assured of stylishness and the ability to express yourself. Bellinger House, Tura, Maui Jim, Hugo Boss, Guess, and Coach are a few of them. We have many others. With the help of our expert optical department, select the shape and color that compliment your appearance best.

An eye exam performed here at our office is necessary to determine the right prescription for your Salinas sunglasses. It’s easy to schedule one. All you have to do is reach out to our office and let us book a time that is convenient for you.

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