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Reading Eyeglasses in Salinas

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Eye Doctor Salinas
Eye Doctor Salinas

Have you begun to have problems reading? Does the writing appear to be blurred and you find that you can see better when you hold the paper further away? Or are you beginning to use magnifiers for your hand crafts when you didn’t used to need to do this before? If this is so, it sounds very likely that the time has arrived for you to get reading eyeglasses in Salinas.

Many people need to get reading eyeglasses in Salinas as they get older. For this reason needing reading glasses is sometimes looked at as something undesirable – it is associated with aging. However, reading glasses are great as they will help you to once again see clearly and allow you to easily read from papers and computer screens. And with today’s advanced progressive lenses, people don’t even need to know that you are wearing reading glasses. When you come to see us at Romie Lane Optometric Center you will be able to purchase ready-made reading glasses without a prescription, or progressive or bifocal lenses with a prescription.

When you come to our practice to get reading eyeglasses in Salinas, you can see one of our optometrists for an eyeglass prescription and eye exam. Our doctors are: Dr. James L. Flickner; Dr. Christian J. Flickner; Dr. Jennell Bockenstedt; and Dr. Maureen Hong. Our eye doctor will be able to provide a prescription that can be used for bifocals or progressive lenses. Bifocal prescription lenses contain two lens strengths, with the bottom lens being your reading glass prescription. When you look at the lens you will see a definite area where the bifocal lens is placed. If you get progressive lenses, which are a bit more expensive, you will not be able to see where the reading glass lens ends and the regular corrective lens begins. These eyeglass provide very clear vision, and there is no annoying line in your vision to delineate the two lens areas. Also at our eye care practice you can buy standard reading glasses which are sold by prescription strength, and which are sold without prescriptions. These reading glasses are inexpensive options for people who only need the assistance of reading glasses, or need to wear reading glasses while they wear contact lenses as well. You will enjoy checking our attractive and fun style of reading glasses! If you are at the point when you need reading glasses, come to our optical store where you can explore the many options available to you.

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