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Low Vision in Salinas

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Low Vision in Salinas
Low Vision in Salinas

Low vision is not an eye disease, but is more accurately described as a term used in situations where due to the effects of various eye diseases, your vision cannot be improved with the typical methods such as corrective lenses, medication, or surgery. Here at Romie Lane Optometric Center, we have solutions for low vision in Salinas so that you can make the most of the vision you do have left. And while it is something that cannot be cured, with low vision therapy, our eye doctor can help you to maintain an acceptable level of vision.

It is important to officially be diagnosed as having low vision in Salinas, because then you will have ability to take advantage of the various tools that are available. There are certain symptoms that will alert you to the fact that you should come in for an evaluation. Do you have a decreased ability to see detail or reduced peripheral (side-to-side) vision? Other signs include persistent double vision, problems descending or climbing stairs, navigating along the edges of curbs, and difficulties distinguishing colors. Loss of central vision is a key indication brought on by age-related macular degeneration, which is one of the three diseases that by itself or in combination with one or both of the others (glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy) lead to low vision in Salinas. It can develop at any age, but is most common from age 45 and up. We understand that having low vision can be unsettling, but with the assistance of special glasses, along with aids and devices such as closed circuit televisions, electronic devices, and telescopic equipment, you will be pleasantly surprised at home improvement you can experience.

Contact our office and set up an appointment to come in and be evaluated for low vision. It can be the beginning of a positive change in your life.

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