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Family Eye Care in Salinas

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Family eye care in Salinas
Family eye care in Salinas

Eye health is a very important part of your overall health. Unfortunately, however, many people tend to overlook their eye health because they are not aware of how vital eye exams and checkups are. It is recommended that patients of all kinds visit their eye doctor on a regular basis for comprehensive eye care. Here at Romie Lane Optometric Center, our team of dedicated eye doctors can provide you with complete family eye care in Salinas.


Eye health covers a variety of things. Eye health encompasses general eye health, vision health and also looks into eye allergies, infections and injuries as well. Typically, everyone should have their eyes thoroughly checked by an eye doctor about once a year or so. During one of these comprehensive eye exams, overall eye health is checked, the eyes are screened for any signs of cancer or other serious conditions, and the vision health is checked as well. In order to catch eye diseases, annual visits are vital. Many eye conditions, such as glaucoma, have no noticeable symptoms early on, which is exactly when treatment is preferred. Too often, conditions like glaucoma are not caught until damage has already occurred to the eye because these may be the first symptoms that the patient notices. This is because the side effects that patients may be experiencing are often vision loss in some form or degree. Annual exams can help catch such diseases as early on as possible. They can also make sure that any vision prescriptions are as up to date as possible. If you have any eye allergies, our eye doctors here at Romie Lane Optometric Center will be able to monitor and treat your symptoms. Some eye allergy symptoms are synonymous with signs of eye infections – such as redness, itching, grittiness, or discharge – so any sudden onset of such symptoms should be addressed immediately.


Eye injuries should also be treated promptly and we here at Romie Lane Optometric Center. If you are seeking to provide your family with comprehensive medical care, it is important that you include medical specialists such as eye doctors as well. If you need family eye care in Salinas, we here at Romie Lane Optometric Center. Call us to schedule an appointment today.

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