Eye Doctor in Salinas California

Eye Doctor in Salinas California

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Vision Therapy Services in Salinas California

Eye Doctor in Salinas California
Eye Doctor in Salinas California

In childhood, certain eye conditions may develop. And if they are not detected and treated in a timely fashion, they can become permanent, affecting your vision negatively and causing various difficulties. Fortunately, here at Romie Lane Optometric Center, our eye doctor in Salinas California can provide vision therapy services, which while it cannot cure the problem, can definitely reduce its impact.

The conditions that we’re referring to are typically lazy eye, crossed eyes, and double vision. All of them are related to the way in which your brain processes signals sent by your eyes. If you are dealing with one or more of these vision problems in adulthood, there is a very good reason to feel optimistic, and that is vision therapy. This service consists of your coming in to our office once or twice per week for a session that lasts around 30 minutes to one hour. While here, you will be given a series of exercises to do by our eye doctor in Salinas California. In this situation, exercises do not mean working your eye muscles. This is about training your eyes to see better and correcting the deficiencies you have been experiencing. Depending on your circumstances, our eye doctor in Salinas California might suggest having you do some on your own between visits, in addition to the exercises done under supervision at our office. One way of accurately describing vision therapy is that it’s kind of like physical therapy for your eyes. The majority of patients notice improvement from having it. Your plan will be designed for you only. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all philosophy here. Customized vision therapy leads to better results. In addition to the eye conditions listed above, it can also be employed to overcome certain reading and learning disabilities.

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