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Low vision therapy 93901

Eye doctor 93901If you are experiencing problems with low vision, you are most likely looking for an optometrist who can help you with low vision therapy. At Romie Lane Optometric Center we successfully help many patients with low vision therapy, and hope we will become your eye doctor 93901 practice.

Our eye doctor 93901, is able to work with the most current technology to help treat and diagnose our patients who are suffering from all kinds of eye care diseases and conditions. Our expert and highly-trained doctors are Dr. James L. Flickner, Dr. Christian J. Flickner, Dr. Jennell J. Bockenstedt, and Dr. Maureen Hong. People who suffer from low vision, have poor vision that cannot be improved with conventional means such as prescription glasses, contact lenses or surgery. Low vision can mean different things. Sometimes it means that the patient has blind spots. Other times, a low vision patient may have almost total loss of sight. Legally blind people have vision that cannot be corrected to better than 20/200 with conventional prescription lenses. Partially sighted people have vision that is between 20/70 and 20/200 using conventional methods of correction. For low vision patients, our doctors will find other visual aids that can be helpful to them so they can achieve their everyday activities. Low vision aids that are commonly recommended are: telescopic glasses; lenses that filter light; magnifying glasses; and freestanding magnifiers and reading prisms. Many times, a person will need more than one low vision aid to get through many of his or her daily routines. However, there is help out there for this serious vision problem.

Our eye doctor 93901 may also recommend: text-reading software; high contrast clocks; large-print publications; and clocks and watches with enlarged numbers. Our
doctors can diagnose low vision in a patient who comes to our practice. Tests they will perform may include the use of different types of lighting; magnifiers; and special charts. These charts will test visual acuity, depth perception and visual fields. If you are being held back in your daily activities such as reading, cooking, or watching television, you may be suffering from low vision. For a thorough individualized analysis, contact our office today for an appointment with one of our doctors who specializes in treating patients with low vision.

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