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Dry Eye Treatment in Salinas California

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Treating Dry Eyes in Salinas California

Dry Eye Treatment in Salinas California
Dry Eye Treatment in Salinas California

If your eyes have been feeling irritated and are intermittently blurred, you may have dry eye. At our vision practice, Romie Lane Optometric Center, you can have your dry eye problem completely diagnosed and receive dry eye treatment in Salinas California.

When you come to our vision practice for dry eye treatment in Salinas California, you will be seen by one of our top-notch optometrists, just one of whom is Dr. James L. Flickner. Our eye doctor will determine whether or not you are having problems with the dry eye based on a visual examination of your eye. Sometimes special dye-containing eye drops will be put into your eye which will show areas of dryness or irritation. Symptoms of dry eye can include intermittently blurred vision, eye irritation, eye dryness, or even excessive eye tearing. When a patient has dry eye, either they are not producing enough tears to keep their eyes well-lubricated and healthy, or the quality of tears that they are producing is not sufficient. Our eye doctor will determine the cause of your dry eye and let you know the best way to treat it. In the mildest cases of dry eye, a patient may simply benefit from using over-the-counter tear solutions. However, when a patient is found to have mild-to-moderate dry eyes, they will probably benefit from prescription eye drops. These eye drops can help improve the quality as well as the quantity of tears. In more advanced cases of dry eye, our eye doctor may recommend that you have silicone plugs inserted into your eyes which will help keep tears in the eyes longer; these plugs are removable. In the most serious cases of dry eye, it may be recommended that you have surgery which will permanently close your tear ducts. If dry eye is left untreated, it can cause problems with the cornea which may become permanently damaged due to persistent irritation.

For an appointment to meet with our eye doctor for dry eye treatment in Salinas California, simply contact us today.

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